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CEIS, Centre for Economics and International Studies - Tor Vergata is hosting the 1st ERASMUS Intensive Programme on Efficiency and Productivity Analysis Programme (EPASP) organised with CHE, Centre for Health Economics - University of York and COHERE, Centre for Health Economics Research - University of Southern Denmark.

This course will present the latest contributions and developments in the field of efficiency and productivity growth measurement in manufacturing and services. The objective is to provide a comprehensive and up–to–date survey of the existing models, together with a significant discussion on data and on the core methods of practically measuring efficiency and productivity. First, the students are introduced to the measurement of partial and total factor productivity growth. Different parametric and non–parametric approaches to the productivity measurement in the context of firm–specific modeling are discussed. Second, a detailed survey of the econometric approach to efficiency analysis will be discussed, focusing on modeling, distributional assumptions and estimation methods. The correspondence between a number of hypotheses and empirical findings are examined through a varieties of relevant empirical applications. Third, measurement of inputs and outputs in manufacturing and services are discussed, with a particular emphasis to the analysis of efficiency and productivity growth in the service sector.

Morning classes will cover theoretical topics while computer sessions, in the afternoon, will focus on applied issues that will be analysed, mainly, using the Stata commands sfcross and sfpanel, two new user written packages documented at Stata Journal.

For this reason a good knowledge of STATA (data management, do file programming) is a prerequisite for the admission.

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Hi guys! I'm very happy to announce 🙂 that on June 20, 2012 I will receive the "Italian Statistical Society prize 2011" for the best Italian PhD thesis on Applied Statistics and Demography discussed in year 2011. I will present in about 25 minutes some results from my work on panel data stochastic frontier models and robust estimation of finite mixtures of Count regression models. The 46th SIS Scientific Meeting will be held in Sapienza University of Rome -  Faculty of Economics, Via Del Castro Laurenziano, 9. You can find more information on the meeting here.

Last week I had the pleasure to present at the young researcher workshop of the XII European Workshop on Efficiency and Productivity Analysis held in Verona.  It was a really extraordinary experience.  Overall, I was very impressed with the conference. I think that its level can be considered the highest among those in the field of efficiency and productivity, especially thanks to the "high level" list of participants and the variety of covered topics. I learned a lot of new things, in particular about DEA (Data Envelopment Analysis) approach, but also about advanced Stochastic Frontier modeling.

I presented one of my Ph.D. papers coauthored with Giuseppe entitled "Consistent estimation of the true fixed-effects stochastic frontier model". The thing that struck me was that the Professor Peter Schmidt presented a paper on the same topic. Do you guys want to know what was most amazing? We won the prize for the best YR paper!! We (Giuseppe and I) really want to thank the scientific committee for giving us the opportunity to present our work in this important Conference.

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